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Canaletto & Venice

from 2019-02-23 to 2019-06-09

A major exhibition dedicated to Canaletto, a key figure of the Venetian '700.

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The Italian political drawing

from 2019-01-19 to 2019-04-25

Ode to drawing as a tool that reveals the political and social changes of an entire country.

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102nd Young Artists Collective

from 2019-02-09 to 2019-03-31

Back to the past with new trends in contemporary art.

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From Kandinsky to Botero. All in One Thread

from 2018-11-01 to 2019-09-30

Between past and present, the history of the art of the twentieth century intertwines with the private life of a man and his great passion.

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Giovanni Soccol. Presenza – Assenza

from 2019-01-26 to 2019-04-22

On show the icy and mysterious charm of the paintings of a great Venetian painter.

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