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Giovanni Soccol. Presenza – Assenza

from 2019-01-26 to 2019-04-22

On show the icy and mysterious charm of the paintings of a great Venetian painter.

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Jules Massenet, Werther

from 2019-01-25 to 2019-02-02

The lyrical drama in four acts of Massenet inspired by The Sorrows of the Young Werther by Goethe.

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From gesture to form. Post-war European and American art in the Schulhof Collection

from 2019-01-26 to 2019-03-18

An in-depth insight into post-war art in homage to the sensitivity of enlightened collectors of the Schulhof spouses.

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The Italian political drawing

from 2019-01-19 to 2019-02-28

Ode to drawing as a tool that reveals the political and social changes of an entire country.

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Who am I? Self-Portraits, Identity, Reputation

from 2018-12-02 to 2019-02-03

Variations on the theme of self-representation beyond the boundaries of photography.

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